Roof Tile Replacement
in Worthing, Brighton and the Surrounding Sussex Areas | From New Roofs to Re-Roofing

The time-served team at Singers Roofing is highly skilled at installing, maintaining and repairing pitched roofing structures. Whether you’re building a dream extension or new build, or your current roof needs refurbishing, our roofing company provides end-to-end project management. We source premium tiles and slates to suit all design aspirations and budgets. With our roofers, you receive bespoke, long-lasting results, improved kerb appeal and the ultimate peace of mind.

Based in Lancing, Singers Roofing carries out roof tile replacement work in and around Sussex. This includes key service areas such as Brighton, Hove, Littlehampton and Worthing.

Our roofers share over 50 years of experience, hold CSCS cards and NVQ level 3 qualifications. With our expertise, there’s no pitched roofing project we cannot manage.

Pitched Roofing Services

Whether you prefer tiles or slates, a pitched roof adds character to your home. It delivers key insulating and weatherproofing elements that keep you and your family warm, dry and secure. Pitched structures are a classic design, and you don’t need to apply extra treatments to uphold their performance.

However, a proactive approach to inspections and small-scale repairs will help to prolong your roof’s lifespan. Investing in minor roof tile replacements here and there is far more cost-effective and less disruptive than simply allowing issues to develop into much bigger problems.

New Roof Installations

If you’re building a new structure from the foundations up, your new roof is one of the most important features. Building work on this scale represents a significant investment, so it’s essential to have a structurally sound, completely sealed and attractive roof to protect everything beneath it.

Our roofing company builds new roofs to any specification. No matter the size, design, material or systems required, we have a proven track record for turning ideas and concepts into stunning realities.

In addition to pitched designs, Singers Roofing also covers all flat roofing needs.

Full and Partial Re-Roofing

Your roof sits exposed to the elements day in, day out, year after year. From heatwaves to freeze-thaw cycles, the tiles and slates take a considerable amount of punishment. Material deterioration is inevitable. As a result, roofs 20 years or over are more prone to suffering damage.

Of course, every roof has its own qualities, so you may need to consider roof tile replacement work earlier or even much later than this.

Regardless, if your roof looks tired, drab and even fragile, or it’s showing obvious signs of damage, Singers Roofing can help. We perform partial re-roofing on localised areas of otherwise healthy roofs. This is the ideal solution for restoring your home’s waterproof seal while avoiding a complete roof replacement.

However, every homeowner in Brighton, Worthing and the wider Sussex area will have to face a full re-roof eventually. You can rest assured, we only recommend this option as a last resort. The process starts with the removal of your current tiles or slates and roofing felt. Our roofers will examine the exposed structure for soft spots or signs of deterioration. If we find any, we inform you of these and complete any replacement work as needed.

Our roofing company then builds up a new structure, including leadwork over vulnerable joins for added protection against water ingress.

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