Roof Repairs in Brighton
Scheduled and Emergency Roof Repairs | The Importance of Roof Inspections

How often do you inspect the condition of your roof? Property maintenance is a part of life for any home or building owner. It helps to preserve your investment, upholds aesthetics and optimises performance. However, roofing often becomes an afterthought. It takes an effort to even see it, and not everyone wants to climb a high ladder to take a closer look. While understandable, the longer you put off inspections, the more likely you are to face large-scale roof tile replacement work or other pitched and flat roof repairs.

As a Lancing-based roofing company, Singers Roofing carries out all domestic and commercial services in and around Brighton. This covers everything from 24-hour emergency roof repairs to ongoing maintenance plans.

As with any property feature, a proactive approach to roofing maintenance and minor repairs is more cost-effective and less disruptive in the long-term.

Semi-regular inspections lay the foundations for healthy roofing structures. They allow our team to fix small issues before they develop into much bigger problems.

But how often should you or a roofer inspect your Brighton property’s roof? And is there a recommended time of year to do so?

Roofing Inspections Explained

What makes roof inspections so important?

Put simply, an inspection ascertains whether your roof has any issues. It confirms how much it has degraded, if at all, from the previous inspection. In this sense, it provides important information in assessing the structure’s general condition.

You can perform this yourself, to some extent. But we only recommend doing so if you can guarantee your own safety. The best approach is to have our roofing company perform the inspection. With our decades of roofing knowledge, we recognise even the smallest signs of damage and deterioration.

In turn, we offer a more detailed and complete picture of your roof’s health. This allows us to recommend pitched and flat roof repairs, or roof tile replacements, with more accuracy. Ideally, we won’t have to suggest any work at all.

With a proactive approach, you reduce the likelihood of needing emergency roof repairs any time soon. You also prolong the lifespan of your roofing materials, maximising your investment in them.

When it comes to long-term cost-effectiveness, you simply cannot beat ongoing roof inspections.

How often do I need to have my roof inspected?

No 2 roofs in Brighton are the same, so there’s no universal answer here. For example, is your roof more than 20 years old? If yes, it’s much more prone to damage than a newer installation. As such, you’re more likely to need significant roof repairs, or a complete replacement, relatively soon.

As a rule of thumb, we advise having our roofing company inspect your property’s roof once a year at a minimum. If you want more peace of mind, simply up this to twice annually.

What time of year is best for roof inspections?

If you decide for 1 inspection per year, the best time for this is in early autumn. The weather is still relatively calm and it’s long before the temperatures truly drop off. If your inspection does find any problems, we have plenty of time to schedule the necessary pitched or flat roof repairs, or roof tile replacements. New roofing materials are much more likely to seal down in warmer temperatures, which isn’t always the case in the cold.

Do you want 2 inspections per year? We advise booking the other one in spring. A member of our roofing company can check your Brighton property’s roof and see if the winter inflicted any serious damage. From there, we can arrange for any non-urgent or emergency roof repairs.

Call 0800 195 4965 to schedule your own proactive or emergency roof repairs in Brighton or the neighbouring areas.